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Introducing the Pastors

Pastor Bob is anointed by God in teaching and preaching the uncompromising Word. He believes in developing in the fullness of ministry, whether it be the ministry of helps or the five fold ministry. Pastor Bob has traveled and conducted seminars on "Developing Your Potential in the Ministry of Helps", "Family Seminars", helping church staffs unite in strength and direction. He has also traveled overseas to conduct Pastors Seminars.

Pastor Bob holds a doctorate of Christian Ministry from Life Christian University Life Christian is an accredited university offering 4 year Bachelor Degrees followed by 2 year Master degrees and finished with a 1 year Doctorate degree in Christian Ministry. See Pastor Bob's review of LCU here

Pastor Bob desires all people to know the truth of God's Word, to partake of all that has been provided for them through Jesus Christ, to be set free from the trappings of the devil and freely serve God in accomplishing His will.

Through his travels, tape series, tv programs, and his pastoral efforts, the Word of God has produced changes in people's lives, families and churches.

Pastor Chamlot is associate pastor at New Life Family Worship in Punta Gorda. She heads up women's ministry in the church. She has a Tuesday morning teaching service and leads a prayer group in that service. Chamlot teaches in church, and has developed a ladies' fellowship. Born and raised in Thailand, she came to America in 1974. Chamlot is known around the church as 'Pastor Nid'.

Both Pastor Bob and Nid have received their ordination from International Convention of Faith Ministries. This wonderful organization was started in 1979 by Brothers Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Terry Mize, Fred Price, John Osteen, and others.

Hi, my name is Morgan Randolph. I was born in Detroit, Michigan. Our family moved to Punta Gorda, Fl in 1959. I have resided here since being joined by my wife of 37 years and then our daughter.
Being saved in 1984, my family and I began looking for the place God would have us planted. We became settled in a 'Word of Faith' church and became involved in the vision of that body.
In 1989, God called me to the ministry and I am currently serving as Assistant Pastor at New Life Family Worship as well as overseeing the Helps Ministry in the local body. I have also been involved in the Rhema Rangers boys program, street ministry in the community, prison ministry and Bible study.
Whenever I have free time I enjoy woodworking and antiquing.

I'm Huellen Randolph. I was born and raised in Punta Gorda, FL where I now reside with my husband, Morgan, of 37 years. We have a daughter, Kristi. She is an accountant now living in Florida.
Since being saved in 1984, my family and I began attending a 'Word of Faith' church, receiving God's plan and vision for our life. I have been involved in the Helps Ministry, various women's meetings, outreaches in the community and children's ministry in the local church.
I have been serving as Children's Pastor at New Life Family Worship and have a vision to see children realize their potential to have a relationship with God by knowing who they are, what they have in Christ, and experience Him in their life.
I enjoy reading, gardening and antiquing with my husband and close friends.

Josiah MacArthur leads the Praise and Worship portion of Sunday services. He also leads the Lighthouse Young Adults and is the Youth Leader for Forward Youth.

Josiah's desire is for people to be ever increasing in a life of worship to The Lord and to go deeper in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
His desire for the youth is to teach them the infallible truth of the Word of God so that when they grow older, they will live in that which they have learned and be successful in all that the Lord directs them to do.

Josiah was born in New Hampshire but raised in Florida and has been attending New Life Family Worship since the young age of 5.
He is currently attending Life Christian University as an online student. Josiah is looking forward to that which God has in store in the years to come.